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Welcome to advanced infoneering inc.

Delivering essential information to meet agency or company needs

Advanced Infoneering Inc. (AI2) was founded in 2005 to conduct research activities in three primary areas.

  1. Physiological & Cognitive Measurements
  2. Graphical User Interfaces
  3. Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Environment

This was accomplished by creating and building superior analysis tools and user interfaces and by leveraging knowledge from the science and technology community.  This community of partners includes subject matter experts, government entities, fortune 500 companies, and niche technology companies. 

Recent work concentrates on the aviation and space arenas with an emphasis on training and simulations.  AI2 has access to a complete Live Virtual Constructive environment including laptops, a full scale simulator, an actual jet aircraft, etc.  Current contracts include both research and development and commercialization work with the US Navy and other US government entities.   

Our focus areas include:

  • Improving the quality of simulator training for students
  • Evaluation of the fidelity of various types of simulated training
  • Creating training software which continually changes based upon the trainees' input either increasing or decreasing the difficulty in the training scenarios presented

AI2 looks forward to designing systems of the future.